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Ram-Nek 6" Hatch Cover Tape View full size

Ram-Nek 6" Hatch Cover Tape


Is a single-component, factory extruded 1.22 meter-long strip of high-adhesive plastic formed to the proper cross-section between two protective wrappers, one of which is silicone coated for easy stripping (brown paper).

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MT201 - RAM-NEK MARINE TAPE is  cut into 1.22 meter-long strips. The strips allow for easier handling as well as a more correct application. MT201 - RAM-NEK MARINE TAPE is a "peel" and "stick" application. Remove the brown paper with a sudden and strong jerk, which will expose the black adhesive. Apply the tape over the joint, and exert "foot pressure" on top of the tape to assure a proper bond. Short strips make the centering of the tape over the joint easier. On the side joints, make sure the tape is carefully positioned to cover this area. Press firmly by hand on the side joint to make sure that the best bond is made. Center the remaining portion of the first strip over the first part of top joint. Press the rest of this initial strip in place by hand. Walk on this initial strip. Take a second  strip and overlap about 13mm (1/2"). Carefully center the second strip over the joint. Again, apply "foot pressure" to the second strip - walk on all areas of the strip. Apply additional strips until the joint is completely sealed. Also, complete the side joint on the other end of the hatch cover.  Apply product around the coaming joint after the hatch is closed. Press firmly with your hand on all areas of the product. REMOVAL: The easiest method of removing MT201 - RAM-NEK MARINE TAPE is by using a long-handled scraper with a blade approximately 4" wide. Scraping the tape up will leave a thin residue of adhesive still in place. This will serve to prevent rust and will make the next application easier and faster, especially in wet weather situations. It is absolutley imperative that all of the main body of this product is removed. Only a light film should remain, not a heavy concentration of adhesive material. If the entire main body of tape is not removed, the next application will most likely not be as effective as it should be.


  • Ram-Nek 6" (150mm) x 4 ft (1,22 mtr)
  • 30 strips/ 36,6 mtr/cartoon. 100 lbs per box (12"x 48" x 4" dimensions)


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