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TX-JF12 12" Jet Fan View full size

TX-JF12 12" Jet Fan

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Note: Shipped with grounding cable for safety and crowfoot connectors.


  • The unit consists of a rugged cast-aluminum housing and a cast-aluminum fan wheel.
  • The hollow shaft and the fan wheel are the only rotating parts. However, there is no torque on the shaft, as it does not transmit any power to the fan wheel, as fan shafts normally do. The compressed air jets drive the fan wheel.
  • The fan wheel has a hub and four blades, producing adequate static pressure to overcome the resistance of the system to be ventilated.
  • Only two of the four blades have jet outlets. The two other blades have good airfoil cross sections for a better induction ratio.
  • The housing is equipped with guide vanes for better efficiency. The vanes will neutralize the air spin past the blades and guide the air flow into an axial direction.
  • The housing has a smooth inlet bell for increased CFM, higher efficiency, and lower noise level.
  • Its performance was tested at an independent test lab to the AMCA Standard 210 test. All results are verified and specific.

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